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Gary F.- Pearline, MI

I didn’t ‘become’ a libertarian (small L) but Ayn Rand and AuH2o showed me I wasn’t alone, and the Advocates helped me articulate my views.

James M. R.- Melbourne, FL

For the personal liberty part, I think I was just born this way. Always questioning authority. For economics, it took a lot of reading and time, though. Young people today are lucky to have resources such as www.mises.org & the internet to speed them on the path to fiscal righteousness.

Mark D.

When I was a youngster I discovered a science fiction author whose ideas resonated with me. I believed the principles he espoused were sensible and right. As I expanded my reading I found other authors that told stories that fit with the growing core beliefs I felt to be right and moral- truly moral, not just “feels good”. Writers like Ayn Rand, Frédéric Bastiat, Thomas Jefferson, Murray N. Rothbard, Larry Niven and Jerry Pournell. The author that started my journey of thought? Robert Anson Heinlein.

Valiant V.- Winnsboro, TX

I looked at the “two” choices for the 2000 election and thought “There HAS to be something better than these two clowns!” I discovered Harry Browne and “Libertarian,” and decided I better learn all I could about Libertarians I could *before* I voted for one.

I read the LP’s platform word for word - and had to learn a few new things (never heard of “Fiat Money” before that) but everything seemed on the up-and-up so I voted for Harry and never looked back. I joined the LP, became a local party chair, delegate to he national conventions, and eventually, a state party chair.

NO other party makes any sense. 

I WOULD be a “Constitution” party member - except that they only follow the constitution where it follows their religious beliefs.